What is the #1 Selling antivirus in the UK ?

What is the #1 Selling antivirus in the UK ?

Meta: Antiviruses come in all shapes and sizes, but what is regarded as the #1 top-selling antivirus in the United Kingdom? You can find out in here.

When looking to protect your computer today, many great antiviruses exist to choose from. Some, though, come with more features than others. Others have better brand and marketing power, keeping them above more reliable options. In terms of the #1 selling antivirus in the United Kingdom, there are a few contenders. Among the fastest and most popularly sold antiviruses in the country, though, is BitDefender.

What is BitDefender?

BitDefender is one of the most well-recognized names in the UK antivirus industry. According to the company, it provides over five hundred million devices with antivirus protection. This is not only a UK product; BitDefender is also sold internationally and used in over one hundred and fifty different nations.

With both a paid and free version, BitDefender provides an excellent and robust antivirus system. It provides access to tools such as anti-phishing protection, anti-spam filtering, adware prevention, USB virus scanning, and even a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Thanks to its multifaceted approach to malware protection, BitDefender might be the most robust product on the market. Thanks to its gluttony of features packed into one system, paired with low resource usage and simple configuration, BitDefender is the #1 selling antivirus in the United Kingdom.

What makes BitDefender worth your time?

There are many reasons why we rate BitDefender as the #1 top-seller and the #1 product on the market overall. This includes:

  • Versatile malware protection that protects you in a whole host of useful ways
  • Constantly updating library and database, so new threats are caught ahead of time
  • Automatic scanning and manual scanning to help catch threats in real-time
  • Malware protection that matches viruses and threats to its massive, updating database
  • Personal security advice that is AI-driven and provides performance improvement insight
  • World-class firewall protection that provides two-way control with bespoke rule creation
  • Outstanding customer support available using live chat, email, and/or phone
  • Simple and effective user configuration to ensure even beginners can use this
  • Generous resource management to ensure your device/PC does not slow down

How much does BitDefender cost?

The typical cost of BitDefender ranges – you get a three-tier plan. You get a single year for just £14.99 for one device or £19.99 for up to three devices at once. This is often a limited-time offer, though.

You can also choose from a two-year plan at £49.99 for one device or a three-year plan at £64.99 for one device. These price margins are pretty fair, and in terms of the price you can pay elsewhere, a full year of all-in coverage for just £14.99 is outstanding.

Should you buy BitDefender?

We think so. As the #1 selling antivirus in the UK and with hundreds of millions of devices protected worldwide, this is a big player in the antivirus industry. They are regarded as one of the best names in the UK market and have been noted as having a rich blend of features and accessibility. When paired with the price above, it is easy to see why BitDefender sells so well.

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